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2…4…6…8 Who Do You ABpreciate?

Cue all the pom pom’s, jazz hands and pyramids circa Bring It On in honor of our first annual ABpreciation week! (ab puns count as a workout too, right?) We asked some of our instructors how TPB has affected them- keep scrollin’ to get the scoop!

“I have to give credit to Randi and Meredith. They actually told me about The PilatesBarre when we were marathon training. Pilates became such a HUGE complement to running! It strengthened my core, which helped me run more efficiently. That season we all 3 qualified for the Boston Marathon, which had been such a dream of mine. I am so thankful I added Pilates to my workout routine because it kept me from injury during my training, along with meeting the sweetest people. I’ve always thought the real workout starts when you want to stop….. then the fun really begins!

Grateful to be a part of such an awesome company and community!!”

Xoxo Aimee

“Before TPB, I lived a very active lifestyle, which included daily (if not twice daily) runs, weight training, and/or HIIT workouts.  I made a big move from Southern California to Dallas in August 2014, hoping to continue my active routine. I was unhappy with the gyms in the area, and was in search for something different.  Shortly after my move, I discovered TPB. I attended my first class instructed by Brenna on a Friday afternoon.  I was instantly hooked! The exercises, music, and energy had me from the second class started. After my first session, I was sore…. in ways that I’ve never been sore before, and oddly enough, I loved that. I immediately bought a 10 Session Package, and went every day possible. Soon after, I purchased a monthly package, and found myself going to class 2x a day. Within a month, I noticed that my legs, arms, and abs look more defined than ever. I felt stronger, leaner, and taller (taller? That says a lot coming from a 4’11” girl)! Soon after that, I purchased a 12 month package knowing that I wanted TPB to be a part of my life for the long run! Fast forward 10 months after joining TPB, I inquired about becoming an instructor. I loved the studio, staff, classes, music, and most importantly the results, the way that I felt, so much, that I wanted to share my passion with others by teaching Pilates. I went through the extensive training process, and soon enough, became an instructor! I absolutely love teaching at TPB. It’s fun and exciting, and ultimately rewarding to push clients to work hard resulting in happy and healthy clients! Now my active routine consists of PilatesBarre, TreadBarre, and outdoor running. I really have all the results I need from TPB and TTB! Between feeling and looking great, making others happy and listening to great music- I don’t know what there is not to ABpreciate about TPB!”


“My love story with The PilatesBarre started on Wednesday, October 15, 2014 on a beautiful, crisp, fall day at around 10:30 am. I remember it so well because this was the day I had made the decision to require more of myself physically. You see, for the 4 years prior I had completely neglected my body’s need to work out, be transformed, be pushed. But, October 15 was THE day. D-Day had arrived and I couldn’t of been happier…scared…but happy because I knew The PilatesBarre method would work. I took my first class, nearly died, but I came back two more times that same week. The following week I went 4 times and did not quite achieve death’s door (whoop! progress!). Week three….FIVE times. Week Four…SIX times. I was making headway! I was sore from my tippy toes to the hair on my head (seriously..every. square. inch. of. me. was. sore.) but, I kept making The PilatesBarre classes a priority and my whole entire world opened up and changed right in front of me. I was captivated. Captivated by what I knew my body could ultimately be and look like. Captivated by the comradery. Captivated by a culture that I wanted to be apart of. So, after 1 1/2 years plus of buckets of sweat, tons of classes, countless grippy-socks, and wonderful new friendships…I write this testimony as a PROUD TPB instructor (I could really tear up!). And, the best part of all is that my story is not unique. I am every girl who gets too busy or too complacent. I am you! So, I challenge you with this: Take a step in doing your part and we will meet you there to partner with you along the way! A better version of you is on the other side.”

-XO, Rachel

2…4…6…8 Who Do You ABpreciate?

Posted Wednesday, May 18th, 2016