We have redefined Pilates with our unique classes and implementation of the BarreFormer. Join us at The PilatesBarre and get ready to be transformed. Our 50-minute classes will take you through everything from core strength training, cardio, and overall body conditioning and stretching—just what you need to achieve a lean physique, or as we like to call it, a "Pilates Body." By using The PilatesBarre's method, we offer an approach to exercise that can deliver the results you want.
What to Expect: Using the principles of Pilates mixed with the toning benefits of strength training, our PilatesBody classes will help to invigorate your mind, strengthen your core and condition your body. By combining the two forms of fitness, we have created a perfect workout system that's fun, energetic, intense, and applicable to any fitness goal.

The PilatesBarre

Our exclusive 50 minute class incorporating both the BarreFormer and Spring Boards. Expect the same great PilatesBody workout while also incorporating elements of our BarreBody class to take your workout to the next level. Grip Socks required for The PilatesBarre class.

The SpringBarre

Prepare for a 50-minute full body workout using our new red springs and push-through bar. This workout is exclusive to The PilatesBarre and you won’t find it anywhere else! The SpringBarre class incorporates cardio, spring boards, ballet barre and free weights to work all muscle groups in a low-impact manner. You will leave feeling sweaty and energized! Cross-trainer shoes are required.

Bootcamp Barre

Train, shape and strengthen with our exclusive Dallas Bootcamp Barre class. Don't let "bootcamp" intimidate you—the same welcoming and inspirational atmosphere from our Pilates classes is mirrored in this high intensity class. The Bootcamp Barre class is a combination of bootcamp-style cardio paired with cardio barre ballet. This blend of two very effective formulas creates an intense 50-minute class that will have you moving quickly, jumping high and sweating profusely—all while listening to great music.
Utilizing resistance bands, light weights, the Pilates ball and the ballet barre, Bootcamp Barre is the perfect class to increase your cardiovascular health on your Pilates journey.
What to Expect: Isometrics galore, kicks and jumps to redefine your legs and booty, an arm routine that even black swan would envy, and exercises that can give you a set of abs to die for. Your heartbeat will thank you for the cardio, your body will thank you for one fabulous fit physique. Please bring your lightweight, flexible cross-trainers.

Private Sessions

Private Sessions at The PilatesBarre are one of the true gems of our studio. Most people find the sessions to be perfect for both the beginner, with little to no Pilates experience, and for the long time student who wants a more focused, intense, or customized workout to build the healthy lifestyle they've always wanted.

A few candidates who are most likely to benefit from our Private Sessions:

The Beginner

So you've heard all about the benefits and magic of Pilates, but you don't know where to start. Private Sessions are the thing for you. We'll pair you with an instructor that will take you through the basics of Pilates and help direct you to a place within The PilatesBarre where you can grow and
flourish by getting fit and healthy.

The Super Advanced Student

Have you been doing Pilates for a while and are looking for something more advanced or focused to meet specific needs?

Please email us at: info@thepilatesbarre.com to schedule a private, or an advanced private session.


Injuries or New to Fitness

Those with sports injuries, or are in the process of advanced levels of physical therapy, should look at attending Private Sessions as a good option to help with their rehabilitation. An instructor can work with a client to strengthen certain areas and build a stronger core to both meet short and long-term goals in health and fitness. Also, anyone coming back into the world of fitness, after being away for a while, will benefit most from attending Private Sessions. An instructor will be able to find out what you need and coach you through setting your goals and reaching a much more fit and healthy level.

Private Sessions are $85 per class.