BarreFormer Pilates is a great way to improve your golf skills! Taking our classes can be a fun way to incorporate variation into your workout routine, which will help you develop your technique on and off the course. By doing pilates, you will notice improvements in your core strength, balance, and joint mobility. These things will help your stance and your swing, making you a better, more confident golfer!
When you swing during golf, you rotate your entire body. This can cause enormous strain throughout your back and shoulder muscles. To swing in a safe way and reduce this strain, you must have a strong core. Because the core is the center of the body, it has the power to influence your mobility. Having a strong, solid core will offer protection from back and shoulder pain. You will be engaging your core throughout your BarreFormer Pilates class, while improving functioning and strength of the entire body.
Along with reducing back pain and helping to prevent injury, working on your core during BarreFormer Pilates can help improve your balance. You must stand steady and tall when hitting the perfect golf shot. The exercises that you will be doing on our BarreFormer machines will push you to focus on your balance and engage your core throughout your workout. Whether it is doing lunges or plank variations, the core strength that you build in our studio will help your balance and control out on the course.
While you will be focusing on your core, you will also build muscles throughout your legs and arms. Arm strength is necessary for a good swing, and leg strength is important for improving your stance and putting power into your hit. You will also notice an increase in overall flexibility from taking our BarreFormer Pilates classes. Having flexibility will assist with overall mobility and will allow you to rotate your body without straining your muscles.
Pilates is becoming more and more popular for golfers. It is incredibly beneficial, because it helps improve flexibility, muscle strength, balance, and mobility. Our BarreFormer classes here at the Pilates Barre are perfect for helping you become a better golfer. Golfers, come join us for a class!