HIIT, or high intensity interval training, refers to the alternation of short bursts of high intensity exercise with periods of rest. Periods of high intensity exercise raise the heart rate to at least 80 percent of its maximum potential, which makes a TreadBarre class the perfect everyday HIIT workout. The 50-minute TreadBarre class consists of two floor sessions, which include cardio and strength training, and two sessions on the treadmill with various inclines and speeds. This class is not only sure to raise your heart rate, but it also builds your strength and endurance. If you take a TreadBarre class, you will push your body to its and reap all the benefits of a HIIT workout. These benefits include calorie burning, increased metabolic rate, reduced blood sugar, and improved mental health.

What are the benefits of HIIT workouts?

HIIT workouts, like TreadBarre, have benefits that outweigh those of long-distance running. The goals of long distance running often center around calorie burning, but this type of training can be a large time commitment for busy individuals. Fortunately, HIIT workouts provide the same level of calorie burning in a shorter period of time. Our 50-minute TreadBarre classes are the perfect solution to balancing a good workout with a busy schedule. Even better, our TreadBarre 30 class will give you the full HIIT experience on our treadmills in just 30 minutes!

Need to improve your metabolism?

Unlike long distance running, HIIT workouts have the added benefit of an increased metabolic rate for hours after exercise. Just because your 50-minute TreadBarre class is over does not mean your body stops working, in fact, your metabolism will remain elevated throughout your day. This cannot be said about long distance running, as your heart rate and metabolism will decrease very soon after your workout ends. If you are looking for increased calorie burn that does not stop even when you stop, then a TreadBarre class is the workout for you.

Other HIIT-induced health benefits

Another heath benefit from HIIT training, reduced blood sugar, does not usually come from long distance running. Improved insulin resistance comes from the alternation of short moments of high intensity and rest, so your body can use glucose for energy in a more effective and efficient way. If you are looking for the benefit of reduced blood sugar, then a TreadBarre class is the way to go! Furthermore more, a TreadBarre class will lead to the improvement in your circulatory function by increasing oxygen and blood flow to your muscles. Studies show that the lungs of people who participated in HIIT were able to deliver oxygen to the rest of the body much faster than the lungs of those who participated in traditional, continuous exercise.
In addition to working the body, HIIT can help improve brain functioning and mental health. Insider notes various studies that have shown improvement in cognition, memory, and sleep functioning for people who participate in HIIT exercise. High intensity interval training can alleviate stress and improve your mental and physical health in an unparalleled way. For this reason, we cannot wait to see you at a TreadBarre class and to help you to reach your goals!