Brenna has been a part of the PilatesBarre team for a couple of years now and always fills the studios with high energy and love! Brenna knows how to perfect all her routines by knowing what all her clients love and look forward to. Brenna’s favorite part about working at the PilatesBarre is seeing all our amazing clients and staff. Instructing a BarreFormer or TreadBarre class is always the highlight of Brenna’s day! Brenna’s energy always gets you motivated to push yourself to the max in her classes, along with her rockin’ playlists to help you with those extra add-ons Brenna loves to include in her routines. 

In Brenna’s BarreFormer Pilates classes, you can expect an incredible after-burn that will keep you sore for a couple of days! In Brenna’s TreadBarre classes, get ready for lots of motivational music to help you finish your sprints all the way through! You will not regret attending one of Brenna’s classes! Brenna would love to have you here at the PilatesBarre!