Pilates has always caught Cait’s attention while growing up, which is why Cait decided to join our team! Pilates classes always made Cait feel so strong, healthy, and happy after attending, so she made the best idea ever and decided to join our team! Cait loves to stay active as much as she can, whether that is taking a BarreFormer Pilates class or getting in a long endurance run at one of our TreadBarre classes! 

You can expect Cait to do lot’s of  endurance runs in her TreadBarre classes because they always result in high energy, lots of sweat, and builds your strength by running long distances. In Cait’s BarreFormer Pilates classes, you can expect a targeted burn that involves both mind and body coordination, which will leave you feeling accomplished and refreshed… the best feeling ever!! Expect lots of trunk curls, lunges, and side lying exercises in Cait’s classes because those are her favs! At all of Cait’s classes you will always be listening to a constant variety of music! Fun fact: Cait’s known guilty pleasure is having Spotify’s Pop Punk Powerhouse playlist on loop! Give it a follow… It’ll definitely make her happy!