ELYSE - The Pilates Barre


If you’re looking for a killer workout, you need to go to Elyse’s BarreFormer Pilates and TreadBarre classes! Elyse has mastered all her routines and has lots of experience being an instructor. Elyse adores all her clients and wants to help them master her routines as well! Elyse is incredible with helping her new clients perfect every exercise and will always help guide you throughout her classes! 

In Elyse’s BarreFormer Pilates classes, you can expect a shower needed after because you will SWEAT, SWEAT, SWEAT! Be on the lookout for Elyse’s heavy presses and feet in straps on the reformers… those will make your legs have a great after-burn! In Elyse’s TreadBarre classes, get ready for upbeat playlists featuring Justin Bieber, Kygo, and Kacey Musgraves (did I mention Elyse has great music taste?) You can also expect an incredible, but tough, full-body workout! You do not want to miss Elyse’s routines, so book now!