Fitness has always been a passion of Hattie’s. Working out is Hattie’s ultimate stress reliever and she has always been inspired by the instructors who taught her Pilates growing up. Hattie was influenced to follow her passion and decided to join The PilatesBarre team! Hattie will always make you feel comfortable in both her BarreFormer and TreadBarre classes by hyping you up and helping you whenever you forget an exercise or just need a little push of motivation to finish out your exercises or sprints! Hattie’s favorite exercise EVER is anything with feet in straps, so get ready for your inner thighs to be SORE!! 

In Hattie’s BarreFormer Pilates classes, you can expect a fun and light atmosphere, along with lots of lunges! In Hattie’s TreadBarre classes, get ready for motivating and upbeat music, aka Katy Perry! You will not regret taking Hattie’s classes!