KELLY - The Pilates Barre


Kelly was born and raised in Kansas City and Connecticut where she played tennis and started cheerleading before her family relocated to Dallas and she began high school at Highland Park. Upon graduating, she found a passion as a fashion model and quickly moved to NYC. Fitness and health become apart of her daily routine to keep in shape for her career. During her travels, keeping an exciting and consistently challenging workout routine became difficult for Kelly…until she found The PilatesBarre! Wherever she was, she always enjoyed coming home to Dallas because she knew it meant continuous workouts at her favorite Pilates studio!

Kelly finally decided it was time to move back to Dallas. From then on, she decided to start instructing and through Pilates help others find the importance of how a healthy body equates to a healthy mind! She believes The PilatesBarre is the perfect exercise no matter what age or experience they have. Even after years of taking class, it still continues to be the most fun and challenging workout of all.

She loves to exercise, travel, cook and spend time with her family and friends!