MADELINE - The Pilates Barre


Madeline will help push her clients to the best of their ability in both her BarreFormer Pilates and TreadBarre classes! Madeline’s happy personality and love for fitness will keep you motivated in both her classes to make you feel your best. Madeline loves those heavy presses on the reformer, so expect your legs to be super sore, but get toned extra quick! Look and feel your best with Madeline in her classes! 

In Madeline’s BarreFormer Pilates classes, you can expect double holds and extra cardio bursts! In Madeline’s TreadBarre classes, get ready for remixed music and encouragement to reach your personal best sprint speed! You will get an extra sweat in both Madeline’s BarreFormer Pilates and TreadBarre class, so you need to hang with her for those intense 50 minutes!