Maria’s BarreFormer and TreadBarre classes will always keep you motivated to the MAX with her incredible routines and boppin’ playlists! Maria’s upbeat personality and love for fitness will make you fall in love with her routines and have you always looking for her next available sign up. By taking Maria’s classes, your legs will look FAB with all the lunges and endurance runs Maria inputs into her routines in both Pilates and Tread. 

In Maria’s BarreFormer Pilates classes, you can expect so many fun remixes and two part holds to get in that ultimate after-burn! In Maria’s TreadBarre classes, you can expect loud music and Maria helping you to make sure you never give up on a sprint! Maria’s upbeat and motivational music will give you an extra push to finish out your sprints! And what’s Maria’s secret to the perfect playlist you might ask? It’s the New Music Friday Playlist on Spotify! Maria is always trying to find the newest music for her class, so make sure to give her playlist a follow on our Spotify account!