Mary Brynn has been taking classes at The PilatesBarre since high school, but became a regular in college when pilates was the perfect full-body exercise to get back into working out after an injury. A fitness fanatic, Mary Brynn was inspired to join the team as a client-turned-instructor after experiencing firsthand the difference that the PilatesBarre’s kind and knowledgeable instructors make. Their support coupled with challenging, rewarding BarreFormer, TreadBarre, and StrideBarre workouts changed her fitness life for the better.
Mary Brynn keeps classes fun with upbeat music from start to finish, and is passionate about helping clients find their stride in the studio no matter if it’s their first time or they’re a BarreFormer veteran. Her favorite exercises include escalator lunge, plank to pike and Russian twists on platform to burn out obliques. Come take a TreadBarre or BarreFormer class with Mary Brynn – she can’t wait to get to know you!