Tara’s bubbly personality will get you extra motivated in both her BarreFormer Pilates and TreadBarre classes! Tara is always looking for ways to help take your ability up to the next level in her classes by adding in great, but tough, add-ins and short and sweet exercises on the reformer. Tara’s love for fitness shines bright in her classes while she works hard on perfecting each routine for her clients while also creating the most up-beat music to do those lunges to! Tara’s incredible skills as an instructor will help you perfect every exercise our classes have to offer! 

In Tara’s BarreFormer Pilates classes, you can expect lots of energy and even more smiles, and in her TreadBarre classes you can expect lots of encouragement to beat your fastest sprint speeds! And of course, Shawn Mendes will be blaring on our speakers because he’s Tara’s fav!