Fitness has always been a part of Vianey’s lifestyle. She grew up being a gymnast, a swimmer and a triathlete. She found The PilatesBarre and The TreadBarre after having her second child and was hooked instantly. She loved the changes to her body and how she was able to get back to pre-baby shape.Now as an instructor, Vianey is excited to help others achieve their own physical goals, be it through cardio at The TreadBarre or by focusing on the toning aspects of The PilatesBarre. Vianey brings her Mexican heritage into the classes through her music and energetic personality.

In Vianey’s BarreFormer Pilates classes, you can expect a great after-burn and fast, positive results in your body! In Vianey’s TreadBarre classes, get ready to sweat A LOT! Vianey will help you master those 30 second sprints!