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Heart pumping. Muscle quivering. Total body strengthening. At PilatesBarre we tone and lengthen your muscles. Whether you’re sculpting on our exclusive BarreFormer or sprinting at TreadBarre, we are always Pilates-inspired with an extra kick of cardio. We train. We tone. We Tread. With classes 30, 45 or 50 minutes long, there’s always time for YOU at The PilatesBarre.

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Our Classes

We know where you’re coming from and where you’re going.

The BarreFormer® Pilates

Balance + Burn

Our signature class – The PilatesBarre’s original balance and burn, 50 minute class on our exclusive BarreFormer®. Expect high-intensity, low-impact exercises using spring tension and body weight to sculpt and tone your body.

Every BarreFormer® Pilates class combines traditional and modern Pilates movements for an unparalleled workout regardless of your fitness level. With small class ratios, our team can customize each workout to your needs. The result? The most efficient full-body workout.
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The TreadBarre®

Sprint + Sculpt

We train. We tone. We tread. The PilatesBarre TreadBarre® classes combine Pilates-inspired strength training with high-intensity training on state-of-the-art Woodway treadmills.

TreadBarre® classes are divided up into four sections – two on the treadmill, two on the floor – keeping the class momentum up and energy high. You’ll sprint, sculpt and challenge your body, working up a serious sweat. An ideal HIIT class for all fitness levels.
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The TreadBarre®30

Crunched for time?

Crunched for time? Enter TreadBarre®30: The PilatesBarre’s 30 minute, treadmill-only class that mixes challenging runs, sprints, hill climbs, side shuffles and recoveries. Work up a sweat, test your endurance and crush calories – all in half an hour.

The TreadBarre®45

All tread, all shred

All tread, all shred. In a TreadBarre®45 class you’ll work on speed, endurance and hills at your own pace! Our top of the line Woodway treadmills make you feel like you’re running outside and our music and instructors make you think you’re dancing. Come run this town and never get left behind.

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The StrideBarre®

Walk + Work

Anything but a walk in the park. You’ll walk and work in StrideBarre® classes, formatted like TreadBarre where you’ll split your time between Pilates-inspired strength training and cardiovascular intervals on the treadmill.

You’ll keep a swift walking pace as you tackle inclines, backward jogging, side shuffles and a heart-pumping arm series. If you can walk, you can work it in StrideBarre®.
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Our Testimonials

Our BarreFormer: you’ll find nowhere else. Our instructors teach nowhere else. Our class ratio: you’ll get nowhere else. The PilatesBarre offers an unparalleled workout, but don’t just ask us – hear it straight from PilatesBarre clients.