Trying a new workout studio or workout style, such as pilates, can be intimidating. For this reason, we at the PilatesBarre have compiled a list of five things to know before you join our studio!
Firstly, we will go over what pilates looks like at our studio. Pilates is form of exercise that was developed nearly 100 years ago as a method of injury recovery. It improves flexibility, balance, strength, and body awareness. Here at the PilatesBarre, we have an exclusive BarreFormer machine that optimizes muscles toning in a low-impact manner. This one-of-a-kind machine allows you to protect your joints while pushing your body to its limits. Understanding each exercise may take a little time at first, but the easiest way to learn is by coming to class regularly and learning from your instructor and those around you.
Secondly, all our instructors are trained in-house and are prepared to help you succeed. After completing a four-week training program, each instructor knows how to teach a challenging workout class that radiates positivity and fun. They create their own workout playlists, and each day features a new routine, so every class has a different vibe. You will never feel like you are completing monotone workouts! On top of this, instructors are here to help you when you are struggling. If you find an exercise particularly difficult, then our instructors are here to teach you how to modify the exercise to make it more beneficial for you.
Thirdly, we require grip socks and highly recommend long pants in class. Grip socks, socks that have their soles dotted with rubber, are necessary to keep you safe. The rubber on the bottom protects you from slipping and sliding while you do standing exercises on the BarreFormer machine. Additionally, long pants will protect your legs and keep you from sticking to the machine as you complete different exercises.

Fourthly, if you wish to take pilates here with us, then let’s get started! You will begin by making an account with us, which can be done through our PilatesBarre App, website, or over the phone (214-706-9988). After creating an account, you must purchase sessions to sign up. We offer a wide variety of session and membership packages, so you can pick which is best for you! We even offer a student discount for high schoolers or college students. After you have created an account and purchased sessions, then you are free to book a class. Classes are offered at two different locations, Devonshire and University Park, and each studio is open seven days a week.
The easiest way to book a class is on the app, but if you call the studio number (mentioned above), then we are happy to sign you up for classes over the phone.
The fifth and final thing to know before you take pilates at the PilatesBarre is that you will not regret it. If you join our studio, then you will join an environment of fun, positive, and healthy individuals who love to workout. You will be able to complete a sweat inducing workout at your convenience while making friends in the process. We hope to see you in soon!