Battle of the Artists
Fall Challenge

September 18th - November 12th

Attendance-based challenge

Sign up for our team fall challenge, Battle of the Artists, starting September 18th! You will be assigned into teams among our staff and instructors! You will receive 1 point for each class you attend. There are many chances to win! The team with the most points at the end of the challenge AND the top 12 participants win a prize! Are you up for the challenge?


How do I sign-up?

A: Use the form above or sign up in-studio before September 18th.

How do I win?

A: Be on the winning team or top 12 according to attendance.

How long will the challenge run?

A: The challenge is 8 weeks and will begin on September 18th and will go through November 12th .

What if I am going out of town during the challenge, should I still sign up?

A: Yes! What is great about this challenge is that it is team based, so everyone has a chance to win!