Here at The PilatesBarre, we welcome anyone and everyone, regardless of age or fitness level. But what does pilates really entail? BarreFormer pilates is a full body exercise conducted on our state of the art BarreFormer machines. In our 50-minute workout class, you will use body weight and spring resistance to feel the burn in this high intensity, yet low impact, workout. At the end of the day, no matter your age or fitness background, BarreFormer pilates will improve your overall health change your everyday lifestyle for the better.

Low Body Impact

If high intensity exercise is not for you, then pilates is the way to go. Because the exercises done in our classes are gentle on your muscles and bones, pilates is the perfect option for everyone. This includes those who are young, old, prone to injury, pregnant, hoping to cross train for a sport, or coming just for fun. On top of this, nearly every exercise can be modified to better fit your own capabilities and comfort level. This provides pilates with a lot more accessibility than any other workout or workout class.

Mobility and Flexibility

Special benefits of BarreFormer pilates include increased mobility and flexibility. In class, you will be doing full range of motion movements that target muscles throughout the entire body. This will build your overall strength and allow your body to move with ease during everyday activities. Furthermore, improved flexibility will help decrease joint pain and make you less prone to injury, which is crucial for young athletes and those who hope to stay active.

Effects on Bone Density

BarreFormer Pilates is also great for strengthening bone density. Having strong and healthy bones is extremely important for living a rewarding, active lifestyle no matter your age. As we age, hormonal changes occur. These hormonal changes include a decreased level of estrogen being released, leading to an imbalance of bone remodeling, which can cause weak and fragile bones. Bone remodeling refers to the process of our bones changing when new bone tissue forms and old bone tissue is no longer utilized. However, BarreFormer Pilates can help!

ProHealth says that “The National Institute for Health recommends weight bearing and resistance exercise to increase the amount of new tissue in our bones.” Our BarreFormer machines are the perfect option for helping you on your journey to build stronger bones.

Core Strength

BarreFormer Pilates specifically targets and strengthens the core, it can relieve back pain and improve posture. Having a strong core is important for everyone of all ages because it is where all your movements stem from. It is the center of all physical activity.
Exercising your core will lead to better support of your back, as Healthline notes that numerous studies have reported “improvements in lower back pain when practicing Pilates, in some cases after just three months.” Slouching our backs is another universal problem that only worsens with age, but fortunately, BarreFormer Pilates helps with the alignment of joints and bones. This will give you a straighter and taller back with less feelings of pain.
No matter who you are or how old you are, we want to help you live your life to the fullest. Our BarreFormer Pilates classes are the perfect everyday option to help strengthen your bones, muscles, and core. Our instructors are prepared to assist you with modifications so that you can participate in whichever stage of life you are going through. Come see us at the Pilates Barre and we will help you reach your goals!