BarreFormer pilates classes work your entire body, which gives you the opportunity to burn out your abs, arms, and legs. However, as the center point of your body, your core will remain activated in nearly every exercise. This is crucial for basic functioning and balance, as your core works to stabilize your entire body! The many benefits of a strong core include improved posture and balance, as well as injury prevention.
Because a strong core leads to better spine alignment, improving your core will help enhance your posture. Good posture and correct spinal alignment have extensive benefits, including allowing you to breathe easier and deeper. This will help oxygen flow through your muscles so that they can work even harder during exercise. Additionally, BarreFormer pilates will be extremely beneficial for those who struggle with back pain. Harvard Health Publishing notes that pain in the lower back is “affecting four out of five Americans at some point in their lives.” Doing exercises that engage your core and improve your alignment can help relieve tension through the back, which makes it more enjoyable for you to participate in the activities that you love.
Improved balance is another benefit derived from core strength. In BarreFormer pilates, you will be doing exercises, such as lunges, on your BarreFormer that require balance and stability. Luckily, our instructors are prepared to assist you and ensure that you remain safe while burning out your legs and core. Practicing core strength, balance, and stability is important for overall functioning, and developing these skills will make moving around in your everyday life that much easier!

Finally, improved core strength helps prevent injury. Remaining healthy is important for us all, especially athletes and those who love to exercise. Having a strong core, correct alignment, and great balance will help prevent falls and allow your muscles to work at their greatest capacity. A strong body is a healthy, safe body, and core strength is key to allowing you to move in all the ways that you want. Come strengthen your core with us at The PilatesBarre! References: