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Do you even Barre, Bro?

“Broooo. Now that I’ve been working out at The PilatesBarre, I never miss leg day. #gains” –anonymous

Dudes, seriously. What’s holding you back from getting your sweat on at The PilatesBarre? Take your whey protein shot in the parking lot and try not to get your compression shorts in a bunch. Think about it. What is the first thing that comes to mind when guys hear the word Pilates? Girls. What is the first thing that comes to mind when guys wake up, eat, drive, go to work, nap, scroll through Instagram, shower or sleep? Girls. Catch my drift? You don’t have to wait until the weekend to get your flirt on. Exercising releases all of those h a p p y endorphins, so after you finally figure out how to correctly do a bear, ask that cute gal on the bed next to you to be your swole mate. And if you’re already off the market, bring your lady and let her prove to you that sweat is sexy. You’ll thank me later.

I got to pick a few boy brains from bros who barre… keep reading to see what I found out.

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  1. Describe The PilatesBarre in three words:

Sweaty, upbeat, satisfying.

Tough, fun, energizing.

  1. What is your favorite part of taking class and what is the hardest part?

Abs and inner thigh routines are the toughest for me. Sometimes I have to catch my breath and miss the instructions, so I just copy the person next to me haha! My favorite part is the cold eucalyptus towel after class is over 🙂 And the personal attention from instructors has also helped my confidence.

Hardest part is working those oblique muscles (mermaid) and hamstrings. My favorite part is the ab exercise- I really feel the burn.

  1. How has doing TPB helped in other areas of your life or in other workouts?

I feel like I’ve earned another drink of beer 🙂 I work at a desk all day and TPB has helped a lot with my posture.

I’ve always been lazy to incorporate leg workouts at the gym; TPB takes care of that for me. TPB has also given my family (wife, brother, sister-in-law) a reason to be out together every weekend for a solid workout and to reset our mind/bodies for the coming week.

  1. What part of your body hurts the most after class?

My right butt cheek lol! Seriously, it vibrates after certain routines.

Buttocks!!! Hamstrings!!!

  1. What motivates you?

The high feeling when you’ve left a workout. Nicki (my wife) has also been a good “nudge” as she workouts here quite a bit.

As a neurophysiologist, I believe physical exercise has a huge impact on my mind and body health for the present and the future.

  1. Why do you continue to keep coming?

It’s become a really good family routine for us. The instructors are also bad ass 🙂

My sweat and burn at the end of class evidences the effectiveness of the workout. I come back because I know it does the job!

There you have it, folks. You know what they say; the proof is in the Pilates. Real men do it and so should you!

Do you even Barre, Bro?

Posted Monday, June 20th, 2016