BarreFormer Pilates improves athletic ability and performance across all disciplines because it develops universally utilized skills: balance, flexibility, and strength. Our classes are especially beneficial for dancers, as they can carry the skills they acquire at The PilatesBarre into their dance studios and onto the stage.

Flexibility Improvement

Flexibility is vital to the success of a dancer, as they must be able to stretch and move their body in graceful ways. Because BarreFormer pilates classes include movements that are full range of motion, you will lengthen muscles throughout your entire body and strengthen your joints. All these benefits work to improve flexibility, especially as after class you have the opportunity to continue stretching. The continued stretching helps tone your muscles when your body is still warm, which is important because having increased blood flow, oxygen flow, and body temperature while stretching your muscles will increase your flexibility in a safe and effective way.

Balance Improvement

Balance is another technique that dancers must master. Our BarreFormers will certainly improve your balance, as many exercises are focused on strengthening your core. In fact, nearly every exercise targets your core and requires it to be engaged during class. Having a strong core will allow you to gain control of your body and balance, which is essential for perfecting basic dance skills like pirouettes and other turns. You will be challenged in our pilates classes, as it is necessary to balance on your BarreFormer while doing lunges, leg lifts, ab exercises, and other movements. Our instructors are prepared and trained to help you stay safe as you push yourself towards your goals. If you take a pilates class, you will see improvement by leaps and turns- literally.

Muscle Strengthening

Muscle strength is vital to the ability of a dancer to perform on stage-they need strong, lean muscles to carry out these skills and improve their routines. BarreFormer Pilates will help you build the muscles you need in a way that is fun and effective. While each class is different, they all focus on and incorporate the same basic movements. You will be using spring resistance on your BarreFormer while doing jumps, lunges, leg lifts, leg presses, and many more exercises that will help build lean muscle. Moreover, BarreFormer Pilates targets muscles that are underutilized in most everyday gym routines.

Cross Training

Whether you are on a drill team, dance professionally, do ballet, do hip hop, or just love to dance, we welcome you to our studio! Our classes can be used to cross train, and they will help you improve your technique and skills outside of our studio. You will undoubtedly see improvements in your flexibility, balance, and build muscle by doing pilates, which can help you reach your goals as a dancer. Dancers, come see us at The Pilates Barre!