If you’re looking for a great burn with a mixture of new music and fun oldies, Cayla’s class is the perfect choice for you. Cayla has been with us for so many years and always cares so much for her clients! Cayla is always looking to add in those great burns in her routines, so be on the lookout for her side lying series routine! While also being an incredible PilatesBarre instructor, she is also a healthy recipe creator! Cayla can answer any of your questions, PilatesBarre related and food related – she knows everything! Make sure to give her food account a follow @/thesavvyspoon for amazing health and recipe tips for the ultimate health guide. Mind, body and spiritual wellness is so important to Cayla! 

In Cayla’s BarreFormer Pilates classes, you can expect a great burn with lots of holds, and in Cayla’s TreadBarre classes you can expect endurance, 30-second sprints, and of course great music you can run to because it definitely makes the class fly by! I mean… time flies by when you’re having fun right? Expect time to go by fast in Cayla’s classes because they are so fun and energetic!