With a love for health and wellness, Pilates is the key to Kayla’s heart. Originally from Greenwich, Connecticut, Kayla is a junior at Southern Methodist University studying Psychology, Neuroscience, and Advertising. Kayla’s first ever Pilates class was at The PilatesBarre her sophomore year here in Dallas, where she immediately fell in love with everything The PilatesBarre has to offer. The best part of Kayla’s everyday routine is making it into class at TPB! You can find her here (almost) everyday taking class, learning new ways to work her muscles, or joining her while she’s up on the mic, aspiring to give you the best workout possible!

Kayla’s favorites to carve out are obliques, glutes, and biceps.. along to an upbeat playlist full of motivating songs!! Kayla strives to encourage The PilatesBarre community giving the same outstanding experience she’s had, leading to pursue instructing!