MEGHANN - The Pilates Barre


Meghann is known for pushing her students, she knows what kind of instruction they need to reach the next level. She does this by having something new to teach each class and making it digestible for both first-time students and veterans of The PilatesBarre. She is the perfect instructor for both advanced and beginner level students, as she knows every detail of each move and position.

Meghann was born and raised in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and moved to Dallas, TX in pursuit of her business degree from Southern Methodist University (SMU). From an early age, Meghann was on the move – dancing, tumbling, and playing tennis. However, Meghann’s true passion for fitness developed during her years at SMU, where she was exposed to numerous activities and exercises that would begin to transform her life.

Post-graduation, Meghann pursued a career in corporate marketing and recruiting, but after a couple of years, Meghann knew that the “spark” was missing and decided to follow her passion for fitness, specifically, Pilates.

Meghann completed the Stott Pilates training in Dallas, New York, and Miami. Through her extensive, contemporary training, Meghann gained the critical knowledge to ensure proper form is achieved by all her clients. She has also learned how to create proper modifications to work around injuries and body constraints.

With her lifelong passion for Pilates, and after meeting Lauren, starting The PilatesBarre organically happened. Meghann appreciates the links between traditional Pilates exercises and resistance training in a group setting with amped-up music! To say that music is a passion of Meghann’s is an understatement. She is constantly on the search for the latest and greatest playlists to keep up the BEAT in her energetic classes and take your ability to the next level!

Favorite Exercise at The PilatesBarre: Super Lunge and Giant Spoon